Corporate Team Building

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This company organizes team-building museum tours. And you get way more than just a tour. Museum Hack also plans icebreakers and side activities for your tour. Each activity is customized for the team, so the event will be something that suits your specific group and your Corporate Team Building Singapore .

Use Example: Everyone rolls their eyes when you bring up traditional team-building activities. But you know you have a few art and history buffs in residence. You try a team-building museum tour and everyone has a great time. Best for Small, tight-knit teams

Bragg points:

  • Customized tours
  • Thoughtful icebreakers

Why people love them: They provide invigorating, laughter-filled activities.

Corporate Team Building Singapore

You can take this customer’s word for it:

“I’ve been going to the MET over the years and the tour totally reframed how I saw the museum. The two hours were full of laughter and great games. Overall it left us feeling inspired, re-charged, and invigorated. I’m signing up for more of these.”

 The FruitFul Toolbox

This company brings Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviours tools into team-building training to give clients research-based bonding opportunities.

Use Example: Your team is “anti-fluff.” They always want to see the source, the data behind the assumption, or the specific page number for your quote. You tell them you’ve found team-building training based on organizational psychology principles. Everyone is on board.

Best for: Teams filled with analytical people.

Bragg points:

  • Certification programs
  • Robust support

Why people love them: They offer personalized support. one customer said in a case study.

“The Fruitful Team developed and delivered a two-day custom certification program for trainers and HR partners in our organization,” “The team worked with us closely to make sure we were tracking to expectations. I would certainly recommend them to others.”

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity may be a nonprofit working to get everyone into a home, but they made it on our list of team-building companies because of their group volunteering opportunities.

Habitat will cover all the details for your group volunteering adventure, and your team will bond as they do good deeds together.

Use Example: Your team is full of idealists, and you want to find team-building events that leave them feeling fulfilled. You sign up for a group business partner volunteer opportunity with Habitat for Humanity, and no one can wait to get together to build housing for those in need.

Best for: Teams full of active, philanthropic employees

Bragg points:

Pre-planned jobs and tasks that match skill levels

Experiential Learning

An Experiential Learning team kit comes with supplies, facilitator notes, and everything else you need to engage in 16 different activities at your team’s own pace.

The research-backed methodology goes into each of this company’s training kits, so you know you’re getting the best out-of-the-box solution money can buy.

Use Example: You’re a self-starter. You typically like to make and plan as many things as possible. However, the free team-building activity PDFs you’ve been finding online don’t quite meet your need. You find these all-in-one kits and love that you now have everything you need to take charge of team-building right in the palm of your hand.

Bragg points:

  • Participant questionnaires
  • Detailed facilitator guide
  • Online database with extension materials

Why people love them:

They help people understand what makes a team. said, one customer.