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Most non-affiliated removal companies have their own conditions. You cannot blindly assume that they are beneficial, so take a good look at them before you start working with the removal company. Many of the non-affiliated movers only have liability insurance. In the event of damage, you often have to prove that it was caused by the mover. Some removal companies state in their terms and conditions that they are not liable if items are lost or stolen. Moving companies often work with a compulsory deductible. In the event of damage, you must then pay a part yourself. The height varies considerably: from $ 50 to $ 750. With the San Diego Movers the options are widened now.

Request quotes

You can request quotes directly from the removal company, but you can also compare our Moving Quotations service. For this, we work together with the relocation platform. Together we try to make the moving market better and more transparent. For example, a personal conversation takes place with every mover and the general conditions are checked for unreasonable provisions. If you use the Relocation Service, you pass on your details directly to movers. Movers pay the Consumer Association a fixed fee per request for quote.

Are you moving abroad? Then you will have a very exciting time ahead. However, this is also a very stressful time, because you have a lot to arrange and at the same time leave your familiar life behind. To help you during the different phases of your adventure, you can use the tips below.

3 packing tips

Moving abroad is much more expensive than moving within this country. The smaller your household effects, the cheaper the relocation. The following tips can help you pack your things.

Take as little as possible with you: use this moment to take a critical look at your things and to wonder what you actually need at your new home. There will probably be items that you attach emotional value to, but sometimes it is simply too expensive to take them with you. Therefore, be ruthless. Most material items are replaceable.

Make a calculation: if you have doubts, for example, whether you want to take a certain couch with you or not, you can see what it costs to move it. In some cases, moving a sofa will be more expensive than purchasing a new sofa in the country where you are going to live.

Pack a well-filled holiday bag: if you have decided to move part of your household effects with you, it can take weeks and sometimes months before it reaches your destination. Until it arrives you will have to live without it. That is why it is always good to pack an extensive holiday bag with which you can pass the time until your belongings arrive.

Tips on what to do with what you leave behind

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You will undoubtedly leave a few things in this country. If you have packaged really selectively, then you may be stuck with your home or part of your household effects.

Sell ​​the good stuff: you can sell everything that is good and that has not yet reached the end of its life. Use an online marketplace for this or a Facebook page. That way you get some extra money and you know that your things will end up well.