Enriching the Lives of the Disabilities in the United States

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the U.S. is responsible for enforcing the federal laws, which makes illegal discrimination against an employee due to the person’s disability or some genetic information. American people with disabilities are the largest minority group in the whole United States. They are offered many benefits, wither it may be a school or a workplace. Americans with disabilities can get their support at the regional level and also from some other sources as there is no universal healthcare for U.S. The Americans with Disabilities Act has turned a law disability definition from 1990. It is a civil right law that ensures equal rights and opportunities the same as the general public.

Employment for the Disabled:

This law is designed to give equal opportunities to the working people, along with all the other facilities. The facilities include the proper accommodation. This is especially needed for disabled people to make them easy to reach their workplace and also to perform with full efficiency at work. This ADA is applicable for all the businesses which have 15 or more than 15 employees. It includes private enterprises and also the local and state government employers.

The responsibility to enforce the Americans with Disabilities act lies with the Department of Justice. It holds the overall authority on the employers of all business organizations. Three sections comprise the significant protections given by the ADA.

The first section of the law protects qualified individuals with some of the disabilities from discrimination during the process of hiring, career advancement, employment training, and other procedures of employment. The second section of the law is for the local and state government. It extends the protection further to the security and the discrimination of the disabilities. The necessity of this law is that the disabled person must have access to all the services, activities, and programs offered by the government.


The third section of the law supports them by prohibiting the discrimination against the individuals in the activities at the public venues. It includes all the open places such as schools, restaurants, movie theaters, hospitals, recreation centers, and so on. It is also applicable to the commercial facilities that include some of the privately-owned factories, offices, warehouses.

Increasing Accessibility to the Disabled:

The ADA has introduced some standards to accessible designs for the public accommodations by creating ramps, automatic doorways, elevators, which can accommodate the wheelchairs. Water fountains are made at the available heights as the individuals with the disability can reach it easily. The deaf persons are supported by guiding them with the interpreter of sign language during the employment process, treatment at hospitals, or during some unexpected situations, which includes rescheduling the work. Thus, the American government has taken significant steps in supporting and guiding persons with disabilities. It makes their lives better, and they can even lead a healthy life as the other individuals. They have changed their life more natural and joyful that they can make access to each and everything without any discriminations. It has paved a way to enrich their lives in all fields and feel satisfied.