Find Your Smart try to Win Sports Betting

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There are a lot of gaming strategies for sports betting on the Internet. Consider the most popular of them. Bet on an undervalued bookmaker event or 먹튀검증 Value Betting. As a rule, players try to predict the outcome of an event without thinking about the profitability of their game over a long period of time.

But there is another category of betters, focusing primarily on the value of the coefficients and profit in the long run. Players of this category make bets that are extremely profitable in the long run. If you bet only on inflated odds, then the profit in the future is provided. This approach is called Value Betting or bets on events that are underestimated by the bookmaker.

Betting forks

These are several bets on a certain event in various bookmakers, at which winnings are provided regardless of the outcome of the selected event. Such a situation is possible due to different estimates of the probability of the same event by different bookmakers.

Unpleasant here is the fact that bookmakers, as a rule, do not like forklifts and try to get rid of them in every possible way: they cut maximum bets, block accounts, etc.

Dogon is a sports betting strategy where the size of each regular bet is determined to depend on the result of the previous one. The main goal is the return of previously lost money and the acquisition of some profit.

For example, you catch up with a draw in football and bet constantly on it until this happens. At the same time, each time you increase the bid in such a way as to return previous losses and make a profit. This event will definitely happen, but it is quite possible that by then you simply will not have enough money to bet. Thus, catching up is not such a win-win strategy as it might initially seem.


The strategy is similar to forks. In this case, different bookmakers look for a corridor in total or handicap. In case of luck, the result of the match fits into the selected corridor, both bets are played and a decent win is obtained. Otherwise, the expense and the player do not lose anything. The consequences of such a game are similar to playing on forks.

Financial sports betting strategies

There are also many financial strategies for sports betting. Here we will consider the most common of them:

The flat is the simplest and at the same time the safest financial strategy, according to which all bets must be the same size. The essence of the strategy is that if a player decides to place bets of 3, 5, and 10 units, then the accepted bet size does not change for a long period. An increase or decrease in bankroll is not a reason for changing the rate.

Fixed income is a more progressive strategy than a flat. Here the rate B is directly proportional to the predicted return of W and inversely proportional to the value of the coefficient K of the event in question. The size of the bet is determined by the formula B = W / (K – 1).


The strategy provides an artificial specification of the amount of profit (fixed profit). The safe value of profit is considered within 1/20 – 1/30 of a bankroll and the recommended ratios are from 1.3 to 5.