Great Look with the best Bags for You Now

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Like shoes, bucket bag leather is a great decoder of social status and personality. To save time, take stock of your daily needs and remove the unnecessary.

What do you need in your purse?

The essential: Papers “permit, registration card, insurance, credit card, money, identity card or passport”

bucket bag leather

You must have them all together in a single wallet because it is the pouch that must quickly pass from one bag to the other without having to wonder if you have forgotten nothing! this is a time-saving tip.

Your glasses and sunglasses: Very important yes

Your keys: Essential too, put a carabiner on your key ring and hang it on your bag, the keys positioned on the inside of the bag, this will save you from looking for them at the bottom of your bag!

Your phone: Indispensable and your tablet if you are used to using it.

Your agenda: You may be using the agenda on your mobile phone, however, if you want to work on time management, the paper agenda will be very useful.

If you make up:

Your makeup: The kit must include the bare minimum to touch up “an eye and eyebrow pencil, a lipstick, a mattifying powder, a file, a comb” (or a brush depending on your hair or your habits) , a nail file. Plan some kleenex.

That’s all and it’s already a lot

What can you remove?

The cardholder for your loyalty cards, nothing important because most shops now have your name and if you forget it once, it won’t be dramatic, will it? (You can always keep the ticket if necessary to have it added next time). You can also put an application on your mobile phone to scan them. There are many very easy apps to do this.

Items to help out the others: sewing kit or paracetamol box, or lighter, etc. Think about yourself, what you really need. As for the quantity, you must always take into account that your handbag is not handing luggage, so it is at most, enough to help you out for a day and not a month.

Choose your handbag to be effective?

Make your bag a utility accessory and not a stress accessory

Banish the tote bags. As their names indicate it is the bazaar bag, not practical at all. Nothing worse to scare you by looking for your keys, your credit card or parking ticket. Stop the panic. Choose it with pockets and always organize it in the same way: Essentials and glasses with easy access but attention not visible from malicious looks. It must also be proportional to your size if you are small, avoid large bags and vice versa.

The shape of handbags:

These are not practical models for city bags. The backpack is not ideal either, because it is also a bag where everything is loose.

  • Very useful for the holidays.

The tote bag or the tote bag

A very useful bag to add a vest or scarf, or put some small purchases, or your paper diary An ideal accessory also for going to the beach. On the other hand, so that it does not become like a tote bag, you must use it in addition to a pocket or better organize a handbag. Otherwise, it’s a horror. Attention also to the size, often very large, it is not suitable for everyone, ideal for large.