Relevant Choices for the Best Bathroom Items

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In fact, choosing Waterware furniture for the bathroom is not an easy task. The combination and arrangement of cabinets, shelves, mirrors, sinks and other accessories can change the whole look of a bathroom. The main goal in choosing is to achieve the desired harmony between practicality and luxury. You can create comfort regardless of the space that you have. For many people, the bathroom is considered a cozy island for privacy. Therefore, it is necessary to choose such furniture that can give the bathroom an appropriate atmosphere, be multifunctional, comfortable, beautiful and attractive.


Type, style and material of bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture is divided into the following types:

  • Mounted
  • Outdoor
  • Combined with the possibility of fixing the legs

The most hygienic furniture will be hinged or on legs, its lower part does not come into contact with water. According to the design style, bathroom furniture is divided into:

  • Classic baroque, modern will never go out of style
  • Modern such a style as hi-tech, loft geometric and minimalist furniture lines are especially popular, which brings clarity and simple elegance to the bathroom design
  • Ethnic the style of Asia, Japan, Scandinavia the original style, will bring an unusual twist to the design
  • Country the style of which involves the use of wooden furniture in natural colors

Production material

Bathroom furniture is made of the following materials:


Wooden furniture is considered a classic, so it is the most popular. But wood does not tolerate water, steam, and cleaning products, so it should only be used in large bathrooms that are well ventilated.

MDF and particleboard

Unlike wooden furniture, furniture made from these materials is usually provided with a special protective coating that makes it suitable for use in the bathroom. When buying, you should pay attention to its coverage. To protect furniture from the damaging effects of water, manufacturers usually use several types of materials:

Self-adhesive tape is the most affordable option: Its plus is that the choice of colors is simply huge. You can pick up a film that imitates natural stone. A significant drawback of this coating is that it quickly loses its appearance, begins to peel off, bubble. In addition, it is easy to scratch it with even a not very sharp object.

Acrylic layer: a more durable, but also more expensive solution. The coating looks great and reliably protects furniture from damage caused by moisture and temperature extremes. True, washing furniture covered with acrylic should be washed very carefully, as it can easily be scratched with ordinary cleaners. For washing acrylic, you can use professional chemistry from the Polish manufacturer of the company

Veneer a thin wooden sheet coated with varnish: This material retains its beautiful wooden pattern. Despite the fact that it is made of wood, veneer perfectly tolerates moisture and is a more reliable option than the previous two.

Enamel or varnish coating has the same advantages as self-adhesive film, they are inexpensive and are characterized by a wide variety of colors and a long service life. For those who want to save money without harming the quality of furniture, this is the best option.


Plastic furniture is found in bathrooms quite often. From the point of view of the ratio price-quality this option, perhaps, can be called ideal. Plastic is light and wear-resistant material that easily tolerates moisture and temperature changes. In addition, the plastic is lightweight, and you can give it any, most fancy form.