Smart reporting with Google Sheets data for you

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Google Data Studio connects directly to several other tools, including Google tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads or Google Spreadsheet. This makes it easy to integrate the data from these tools. It is an indisputable strong point. You can also instantly adjust the data ranges using the date filters. For reporting with Google Sheets data this is essential.

The collaborative side

Another advantage of Google Data Studio is the rapid sharing of reports with its team or customers. The sharing technology is the same as on Google Drive, Google Docs or Google Sheets. It is very easy to navigate for regular users of these services.

A fast-growing free tool

No other free tool allows visual and dynamic reporting of this quality. In addition, new features are regularly launched to improve the tool. Not to mention the integrations with other tools that are in place, for example viewing your Facebook Ads performance thanks to Super metrics.

Who is this reporting solution for?

Google Data Studio is a very interesting marketing reporting solution whether for small and medium-sized businesses, for independent consultants or for web marketing agencies.

Save reporting time

Whether you are a consultant or traffic manager, you must carry out regular reports, to your customers, your manager, and the team or to the leaders of the company. You may also produce reports for personal use, to monitor your performance clearly and synthetically over time.

Whether weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly, these reports are often quite repetitive. It is better to focus on strategic analyzes and recommendations where our added value is the highest and leave all the repetitive work to the machine. Automate part of its performance analyzes and optimize its marketing campaigns.

In web marketing, data analysis is crucial.

Analysis of the geographic or demographic performance of campaigns, analysis of the results of AB ad tests, analysis of performance by type of device, etc. We often use Excel or Google Spreadsheets to perform these analyses. With Google Data Studio, you can automate much of it and focus on analyzing the data and implementing optimizations rather than extracting and formatting the data.

Bring more value to its customers

As said, by automating part of the reporting, we can devote more time to more in-depth performance analyzes or to strategic recommendations. In addition, Google Data Studio allows you to greatly enrich your customer reports compared to simple Excel reports. In addition, the reports are easier to understand, even for the uninitiated. You can incorporate more data more easily, present it in a more visual and pleasant way for the client or even allow him to analyze the data himself up to a certain level of detail using editable date ranges or filters of data.

reporting with Google Sheets data

Integrated into the G Suite office suite developed by Google, Google Docs is a completely free online text editor. A direct competitor of Word, Google Docs maintains close links with the Google Drive storage service and can be used even offline.

What is Google Docs?

It is a kind of word processor-accessible only online. The Google Docs editor offers the user the possibility of entering plain text, formatting it and sharing it in real-time with other users of the tools in the Google suite.

How to use Google Docs

To access Google Docs from your desktop computer, you need to connect to the service via this address. If you do not have a Google Account, you will be asked to create one in order to benefit from the publisher.