The Gas Electric Issues That You need to be Aware of

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There is a larger investment, but whose effects will be very quickly visible: the installation of a condensing boiler. Are you still heating with an old central heating boiler? A high-efficiency gas boiler is much more efficient and economical than a central heating boiler. The condensing boiler will condense the moisture released by the combustion gases. The heat thus produced will be used to heat the water circuit of the boiler. For a condensing boiler, a budget of at least 2,500 dollars is required. But you will save no less than 11% on your energy bill, thanks to the use of a condensing boiler. If you prefer a more ecological system, combine your condensing boiler with solar panels to obtain a Gas plus Solar combination. You will save even more on your energy costs and enjoy the environment. With the Power to Choose you can find the best solutions there.

Power to Choose

The heat pump is generally overlooked in the lists of tips for heating while saving energy. The heat pump allows a huge reduction in CO2 emissions and is therefore beneficial for the environment and for the climate. The consumption costs are however quite high, due to the high price of electricity per kWh. On the other hand, if you produce electricity yourself with solar panels you can heat yourself almost for free.

Why be dependent on the energy of your home?

Produce your own energy with solar panels. You no longer have to worry about excessive energy bills. You keep control of your own green energy. Interesting isn’t it? A solar water heater with solar panels or a domestic battery is a perfect complement.

Investing in solar panels is a well-founded initiative. Not only do you reduce your energy costs, but the value of your home increases. Level E or the energy efficiency of your home then reaches a very good score. The lower the score, the more you can rejoice.

The investment is recovered in 5 or 6 years because the technology has indeed democratized compared to the first years. A sunny day with a reversible meter you notice in real-time that your energy bill decreases. The performance of your solar panels depends on many factors.

Don’t have a roof available, but want to take advantage of the benefits of solar panels?

There are quite a few changes going on so you too can take advantage of solar panels. Via a rental sharing formula, you can invest in photovoltaic panels placed on a neighboring roof and use the potential of the sun. And of course, save on your energy bill.

A solar water heater also helps you save energy. Need a good hot shower? The solar water heater’s solar panels draw energy from the sun and heat the water. A solar water heater can lower your bill by as much as 50% when it comes to heating domestic water.

Would you like to go even further in terms of sustainability? Then a home battery is a great idea for you. Since the domestic battery stores free solar energy produced during the day by your solar panels, you will use to use it in the evening or at any other time.