The importance of sports: Your Deals

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As everyone knows, physical activity is essential for achieving perfect psycho-physical well-being. The physical activity carried out with moderation and regularity allows our body to remain healthy and efficient for a long time. Sport is the best cure to stay young and get a healthier and more toned body.

Why practice a sport

Physical activity, as we know, is very important both for our body and for our mind. Some of us practice a sport for passion, others simply to keep fit.

For example, many parents enroll their children in sports associations to stimulate their children’s social skills and competitive spirit; some men practice bodybuilding to develop their muscles to the maximum, and many women train themselves to tone their bodies and counteract the appearance of cellulite. For 먹튀신고 this is important.

In short, there are many reasons that lead us to do physical activity, but the main one is only one: it is good for our body. Here’s what good sports practice offers:

  • Cardiovascular protection,
  • Maintaining the ideal body weight,
  • Joint reinforcement,
  • Hormonal control,
  • Aging delay,
  • Psychological action.

All these advantages are such only if the sport is practiced with a correct intensity.

Lose weight with sport


The most immediate consequence that sport has on our body is to make us lose weight. This process occurs through the acceleration of metabolism during sports that burn calories. The latter is the energy value of some nutrients that correspond to carbohydrates, fats, and finally to proteins.

If you want to play sports to lose weight, you must first make sure you take the correct calorie intake, without exceeding your energy needs. Each of us, based on our personal characteristics given by age, sex, weight, and height, needs to take a certain number of calories a day. If this threshold is exceeded, the excess energy is stored as body fat. Therefore, it is important never to exceed the exact energy required to keep fit.

The most suitable sports for weight loss are the aerobic ones or those practiced with the conditions of maximum oxygenation of the muscles. Running, cycling, and cross-country skiing are clear examples of this type of activity.

However, there are also sports that involve very intense efforts for a limited period, such as bodybuilding or sprint competitions. Under these conditions, our body uses alternative metabolic pathways that do not require oxygen to produce energy.

Proper nutrition

As we have already seen, the correct energy supply is essential for satisfactory physical activity. At the base of this, we find, of course, daily nutrition.

It is important to maintain a varied diet that guarantees an adequate supply of all the essential nutrients. They are essential to developing a good musculature and a robust skeleton, in order to have an optimal physical shape and the energy necessary to face an intense physical activity. A correct diet also provides the body with molecules useful for performing physiological functions, promotes an increase in muscle mass, optimizes physical work, and restores losses due to the physical and mental stress of the athlete.