The medical masks are more effective than the ordinary masks

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The surgical masks are manufactured of non-woven fabric, which has enhanced bacteria percolation and air penetrability while residual fewer slippery then interlaced material, polypropylene is the commonly used material in the manufacturing process of the masks that are also made up of polyester, polystyrene, polyethylene, and polystyrene.

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The twenty gsm masks substantial is through in a spun-bond process that comprises extruding the liquid plastic is on top of a conveyor. If you want to safeguard your life buy surgical mask uk that masks are manufactured with non-woven bonded fabric on both edges. Non-wovens are very cheaper to produce and cleaner appreciations to their throwaway nature, are prepared with three or four coatings or layers. And the easily disposable medical masks are manufactured with double layers to sieve out the particles like bacteria overhead one micron, the percolation capacity of a mask is based on the fiber the method it’s made, the web’s creation and the strength’s cross-sectional shape. Masks are made on an appliance line that collects the nonwovens from reels, ultrasonically welds the coatings composed, and brands the masks with ear circles and other portions.

Completed covers are then pasteurized before existence sent out of the manufacturing factory. Once medical masks are made they must be verified to safeguard their safety in different situations. Five tests are done over this,


Many of the elements in the operating area may cause fire easily, so the medical masks are set on fire to identify how long it takes to catch the fire and how long the substantial proceeds to burn and tested. The one, two, and three are all essential to be class one blaze resilient.

Breathing capability:

By shooting the flow of air at it the breathing confrontation is tested to safeguard the mask grip the shape and it leads to correct ventilation when a wearer wears it and then they also test the pressure of both sides of the masks.

Splash confrontation:

To assure the liquid or blood that comes unexpectedly can’t contaminate or enter and affect the wearer through a mask it is tested by splashing with enthused blood or similar liquid and then it is used.

Bacteria filtration competence:

By shelling an aerosol along with staphylococcus remove the bacteria that are in the masks, this assures that all the bacteria have been cleared from the masks.

Filtration of particles:

It is also called the fluid particle challenge, in this process, a spray of polystyrene is scattered to confirm the mask can sieve the size of the unit it’s invented to.

All the manufacturers who make the masks can manufacture the medical masks too but he needs to overcome so many tests and challenges. It is not an easy or overnight process as the pieces of stuff are needs to be accepted by various administrations and bodies that include,

Government process:

The government must give permission for the manufacturing of these masks but at present, in these pandemic situations it is quite difficult to get permission from the government easily and it is much difficult for the manufacturing company who don’t have any experience in the manufacturing of masks. But in recent times the government’s rules are relaxed to allow more companies as it is a pandemic situation.