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The cryptocurrency story is a continuation of the saga of economics and the exchange of goods in human society. The development of the Internet gave us a new chapter in this epic story — the possibility of a decentralized currency driven by individuals.

The number of “hooked up” devices to the global network is growing exponentially. There is a feeling that we are more connected than ever is also growing. Yet we are not all connected in the exact same way. Access to technology is different, and the speed of our network is even greater. For the huge internet population in Africa, e.g., a mobile phone is the only way to communicate with your neighbors and the whole world. It should be added that there are currently many more people on the planet with internet access than those who have any fair means of paying or sending money in their vicinity. Until recently, this was the case in our country.

Privacy is essential for the development of an open society in the electronic era.
We cannot expect government, corporations, or other organizations to guarantee our privacy.

We ourselves must defend our privacy if we want to have it.
“Cryptopankers write code. We know someone needs to write programs to protect themselves … and we will do it. ”


Some of the founders of the crypto-punk movement are quite casual people, CEOs of advanced technology companies, university professors, …