What is the purge mask? How is it different from the other show?

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Mask helps to protect your face from dust pollution and to hide your face from some unwanted people. Mask can cover your whole face and can also cover only your mouth and nose. If you want to avoid dust pollution, it is enough to wear a regular mask that hides your nose and mouth. And the full covered cover helps to hide your face. These full covered masks are used in drams and movies to make the character role perfect. By the structure of the show is created. If it is a horror scene, the mask is made like a horror face. And that should fear others—for example, the purge masks. Purge masks become famous in the purge movie. The covers are made with led lights in it. To check some images, visit the website https://halloweenmaskrz.com/product/halloween-led-light-up-masks/

There are a lot of designs that attract you. If you want to make afraid others, it is best to find a purge mask. There is a separate fan base for the purge mask. If you’re going to buy our products, you can order online through our official website. It costs up to 19 to 20 dollars.

How our masks attract more people?

Our mask contains led lights in it and has more durability and gives more life. We supply our products in eight colors like blue and ice blue, purple and pink, white and green, etc.… don’t worry about the LED lights it is just opposite to your eye and face. There will be no problems in wearing the LED lights. You can adjust the capacity of light for more than 6 hours. And the primary specialty in our mask is you can adjust the show’s size as your wish, and how it is flexible to you.


There are two double-A batteries to control the LED light. So you might not have to change the batteries often. The LED light can adjust. You can adjust your light by on the ON and OFF options. And if you need the LED to get flash slower or faster, it can also be changed in light settings. Some rays from LED will harm your eye and also the opponent’s eye. But we fix the safe LED light, which will not affect your eyes and even your opponent’s eyes. The LED cannot glow high if it reaches its high level; the light will automatically off.

And the plastics, you will have a highly durable plastics (acrylic plastics) in your mask so that the show will not break soon. Acrylic plastic is mostly used due to its outstanding strength and clarity. It is the only plastics that make it easier to form objects. Bangles, handcrafts, aquarium, and still more products are made by using acrylic plastic. Before buying our mask compare to other brands you will see more differences between the products. We sell our products at less cost with a more different quality. For further orders, details visit our official website by clicking the above link. And you can raise questions if there are any. Our service team will help you soon by answering your questions and queries.