Edison plays an important role in the growth of the film industry

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Cinematography is the delusion of the crusade by the footage and following the rapid forecast of numerous still vivid pictures on a display. A creation of nineteenth-century technical effort, it has completed the past period, developed as an industry paying numerous thousands of persons and an intermediate of mass entertaining and message. The termดูหนังฟรี defines watching movies.

Early movies:

There is no information about who invented movies, however, in the year 1891, the company in the USA called Edison successfully established an example of the kinetoscope, which allowed a person to see the moving pictures at a time. In Paris, Lumiere brothers were the first people who demonstrated the first moving pictures to the audience who paid money to them and that is known as the first cinema in December 1895.

In the previous times, that is when the movies have first introduced the movies were short and sometimes it was played only a few minutes, in a darkened room movies were telecasted and the places like music halls, fairgrounds or wherever the screen can be set and movies showed to the audience. The stories of the films were mostly about the views of the people of a particular society and their day-to-day activities, events which are considered as worth and also the short comedies.


The movies were shown along with music and lectures, a lot of spectators’ participation is there in the movies they didn’t coordinate with the movie dialogues but they remain silent and sometimes they are described as silent.

The growth of the film industry:

Most of the film industries have been established in the year 1914, like America, Russia, and Europe are also important and after some time the length of the films has been increased and the movies are taken in a storytelling method, dominant film and they became narrative.

Though the audience pays money for watching the films, those who make the films need to spend more money on the production, exhibition, and distribution, so many special buildings were built and huge studios were recognized. In the period of the First World War, the growth of the film industry has been limited but the industry in the USA grew in comparative importance.

The first thirty years of the film industry were considered a manufacturing base, the establishment of the story form, and modification of equipment.

Addition of color:

At first, the films were in black and white colors then different colors were added to the movies through stenciling, toning, and tinting. In the year 1960, the values of adding the color parting were used to produce supposed usual color cinemas and were first published in front of the audience in 1909. The previous Technicolor work from the year 1915 onwards was unwieldy and exclusive, and shade was not in use more extensively until the starter of its three-color procedure.

Addition of sound:

By using the phonographic discs or cylinders an attempt had been made to add the sounds to the moving pictures. Every reel of the film had been engaged with a distinct record CD with all levels aimed at the sound. But this procedure has been proved untrustworthy and was replaced by a visual, different density recording recorded beside the advantage of the movie.